Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog Post Section for Final Exam

I choose number 3. Topic
  1. Write a blog post that focuses on separate examples of what you feel to be both the best and the worst aspects of the internet. You are welcome to use sources from the Scoop It channels or any other sources you find to be credible. You will be expected to provide two sources for both your best and worst example. If you use a source that is not available online, you will need to cite it at the bottom of your blog post in MLA format.
"The Best and the Worst aspects of the Internet"

Internet Access Here Sign
150 years have been since Graham invented telephone. Invention of telephone is groundbreaking because it allowed people to contacting other person faraway. Afterwards, Cell-phone was developed to enable people to wireless call. using text message and video telephone fuctions also enable people to communicate easier and see each other's face through the phone while calling. Communications technology was more developed by using a computer. people can access to internet to contact to others or find diverse useful informations anywhere and anytime through computer, which make contemporary people's life change comfortably. However, Internet is sometimes used for bad thing, which lead people to suffer from privacy infingement.

With development of internet, people can access and search their desired information easily. In the past, students had to search books in the library in order to complete assignments and written reports. However, contemporary students can use internet at home with drinking coffee to access massive information which saved significant amounts of time. 

Internet acted as a medium for people to achieve their dream. Recently, auditions programs such as "American idols" and "Top Talent" spring up everywhere. People with dancing and singing skills upload their pictures and profiles on internet. In addition, candidates can upload their videos in "YouTube" which allowed them to apply without visting the audition site resulting more opportunities in achieving their goal. In Korea, a number of celebrities debuted by being scouted due to photos and videos uploaded in the Internet. Internet became new route that enabled to achieve people's dream which was not imaginable in the past.
Recently, Social network society like Facebook and Twitter is really popular in contemporary people. They can use smartphone or internet to take pictures anywhere and upload their comments and photos in internet and their own blog which are shared with every internet users freely. Such Freedom enabled fast spread of what celebrities are doing at certain person. Internet users having anonymity and posting text and photos in their perspective results false romors and misunderstanding that lead negative affect to celebrities. Privacy infringment due to Internet became a big social issue. Some of Korean celebrities committed suicide due to malicious comments and false rumors. Celebrities need popular among the public, so they have to leave the entertainment business if they lose their popular due to false rumors and negative comments.
Internet allows contemporary people to enjoy a comfortable life. They can get useful informations in Internet freely and  enjoy funny activities such as internet surfing, playing game with others come from another countries, and listening to a lot of musics. However, there is presence of negative aspects that did not cause in the past. Internet is used as a tool to infringe other people's privacy and drive into death. We must prudent Internet users who only take advantage of Internet.  

Resources from
"Cyber Bullies reign in South Korea" in Los Angeles Times  by John M. Glionna in January 01, 2010.
"Positive uses of Internet" by Elizabeth Stitt in June, 2010.
"Celebrities - Privacy Vs. Publicity" by Michael Russell in August 8, 2005.
"Audition programs captivate Korea" by Kim Yun mi in July 24, 2011.




Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Weekly Blog Post #5 "Anonymous, an Internet meme"

As you know, Using of anonymous causes serious social problems.

Especially, Internet users having anonymity and uploading their text and photos in their perspective results false rumors and misunderstanding that lead negative affect to celebrities.

In Korea, a few celebrities in Korea committed suicide since they could not stand malicious comments and false rumors. It is a tragic affair.

Therefore, few Korea portal web sites already are working on real-name registration when Internet user want to post comment anywhere.

I think it is necessary thing and other portal sites also should join in real-name registration system.

Reading articles :
How to Protect Your Identity and Privacy Online
Anonymous, an Internet Meme (2008)
Persona Management & Sock Puppets
Internet ID Cards
Tracking Your Internet Activities

Ds 106 #5 "Web"

A lot of useful "Web" pages.

First of many new web sites on ds106

I am not good at computer skills, so I was concerned about how I can pass this CIS 0835 class. According to my expectation, there were a lot of classmates who have good computer skills when I attended first class. 

Professor informed me of many useful "Web" sites, which is used  while I muddled on posting blog and doing presentation.


Blogger by Shavar Ross through CC Lincesing
It was my first time to make my own blog. Blog was nothing but reading article to me. I would never think about blog before. I am doing blog post assignment by using "".
After I pass this class, I have plan to keep posting blog instantly.

Hell Yes to Video on

Flickr by Hookham through CC Lincesing
I had ever uploaded photos on SNS sites. Posting photos on "" can be interworking and share between "" and other SNS sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

Picnik by Torley through CC Lincesing
Actually, Photo shop computer software is not easy to use to beginner; however, "Picnik" website is really easy to use for edited photos. I can edit my photo what I want to change, so I already used it one time for my first ds106 assignment.

Ds 106 #4 "Writing"

"Writing" Catch Copy in commercial film.

1 quote day
Type up a simple line/text/meme today

What is the best marketing strategy to imprint brand on people's mind. It is a commercial film with strong catch copy.
When you turn on the TV, you can access to a lot of commercial films on TV, but how many advertising can you remenber?. Only advertising with strong catch copy can be reminded viewers of contents on TV.

This video is old commercial film in Korea. A pretty girl is sitting with drinking coffee in bus, and a guy is standing next to her. When she gets off bus, she said "I'm leaving". He also gets off followed her. They drink a coffee together and he talks to her "I missed my stop". Thet are laughing at.

It created sensation in Korea when this commercial film turned out first. Most of Korean girls have conservative mind about date, so they rarely talk to guy for dating with first.

However, in this commercial film, lady try to drop a hint I have interest on you, so let me know what you think about me.

This advertising destroyed traditional and tacit Korean ladies' rule, which present go-ahead face for your love.

It is official announcement. I am a lonely. If you have any interests on me, feel free to call or text me anytime. i am ready to respond your approaching.

Ds 106 #3 "Video"

Audition programs such as "American idol" or "Top talent" on TV spring up !!!

Play by Play video to be touched
Do you know Paul Potts?

He is a opera singer and he attained fame and became a popular person  after he won the "Top Talent" audition program. He also visited to meet Korean fans a couple of years ago. I got impressed his song and his life stories.

There are so many Audition TV programs in Korea, and they get super attention from the public in Korea with high rating more than 15%.

Audition programs is to select one person who is the best on specific field such as singing or dancing. I think that those audition programs acted as a medium for people to achieve their dream. In the past, Common people had a prejudice that celebrities such as singer and actor had have good visual, whish is more important that splendid talents. However, these days, every people can participate in TV audition programs and show off abilities to others.

Lool at below video. She also became a super star such as Paul Patts in Korea.

 Her name is Kim Yae Rim, 19 years old. She received attention from viewers while she was taking part in audition program. I also like her since she has exclusice voice tone and cute face. She came from U.S to achieve her dream middle of attending school.

TV audition programs can give candidates more opportunities, and also viewers can be touched and feel funny while watching on TV.

Ds 106 #2 "Design"

"Car Design"

Porsche !! Are you Kidding me? Damn Design !!

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera GT by Foto Sleuth through CC Licensing

Superhero on me is that those who drive nice car, which have nice body shape and super power engine.

This car is Porsche Carrera GT, which is one of my favorite cars. Porsche is really famous sport car brand aroung the world. Those who have interstes on Car want to buy any kinds of Porsche sport car because Porsche has stibborn pride of car design. Both big head light and Porsche emblem on car's hood are specific symbols of this car brand.

However, recently, I think Porsche is a little bit crazy. The Porsche try to meet the requirements of this age since sales have been down compared with other sport car's brand.

Porsche Panamera 4S front 20100428

Porsche Panamera 4S by M 93 through CC Lincesing
Porsche Panamera 4S rear 20100428

Porsche Panamera 4S by M 93 through CC Lincesing

No way !!! Look at this car !!! this look like big frog contaminated by radioactivity. The Porsche has started to produce a family sedan car like as other big common car companies. The Porsche is extraordinary sport car brand. I hope the Porsche to go back to initial mind with stubborn pride.

PS: It is just my subjective opinion.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ds 106 #1 "Visual"

 My very Own Spubble

Go to Beach by Hyunki Choi through CClinces

I decided to do "Your Own Spubble" assignment from ds106 in "Visual" part.

At First, I chose those two pictures. I took the those pictures with my friends at last summer in 2010.
I was really fat guy until when I attended high school. So, I started to lose my weight for dating with girl friend. I had never dated with girl friend before I did diet.

Last summer, I went to Beach, named by "Hae un Dea" most famous beach in Korea, for the first time. The "Hae un Dea" beach is really famous because only those who have self confident about own body and visual can go to the that beach.

I ate only selad and protein shake since three weeks ago to make body shape. Before going here, I reduced 4kg and gained 3 kg muscle. I hung out with my best friends at "Hae un Dea" beach, and I  ate immorderately on my way back to home since I counld not stand eating visible everthing !!!

I love to go to beach again, but I will not never do it again...